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Upgrading Dynamics NAV

to Dynamics 365 Business Central


One of the many reasons, our customers love Dynamics NAV is its ability to be changed or modified to make it work the way they want to work.

It’s not unusual to see Dynamics NAV implementations that have 30+ modifications. Others though can include tens, if not hundreds, of changes. BUT…. the more modifications (aka customisations) you might implement, the harder it becomes to upgrade to exploit the new functionality in the latest version. 

So when Microsoft launched Dynamics 365 Business Central, it brought in a new way of delivering customisations – with the best of both of worlds i.e. an approach that enabled changes to be easy to introduce (and remove as your business changes) and easy to upgrade.

And with more customers choosing to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, where major new releases are coming out every 6 months, the ability to easily upgrade just became a whole load more critical!

The only downside is that you can’t just take your current Dynamics NAV customisations straight over to Dynamics 365 Business Central. There’s work to be done to make that transition a success!

And whilst it might sound daunting, our team here at Tecman have a proven approach to ensure it all runs smoothly.

We have a choice of different upgrade options available  - so there’s one to suit your business and where you are in the Dynamics product lifecycle. We’ve got best practice tools to identify and assess the existing customisations you already have in your Dynamics NAV system, especially important if you weren’t around when some of those changes were made 

We also work with you to tidy up all your historical data to make sure you not paying for any unnecessary data storage as you move to the cloud. And with more and more customisation requests being delivered as apps from Microsoft AppSource we’ll also walk you through what to look out for when selecting apps from the thousands of Dynamics 365 Business Central apps already available.  

Series 2 - Episode 6

Upgrading to #MSDyn365BC - Getting App Ready
So if you’re still running your business on Dynamics NAV and worried about how best to make the move to Dynamics 365 Business Central, check out our latest Tecman Talks Dynamics podcast, “Upgrading to #MSDyn365BC: Getting App Ready”

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Upgrading Dynamics NAV to Business Central
And if you want to dive deeper into upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central, have listen our earlier podcast, “Upgrading Dynamics NAV to Business Central”. It’s a great, useful backgrounder on the change to the development tools used to deliver customisations in Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central.
McGeoch Technology


The upgrade process (from Dynamics NAV 2015 to Dynamics 365 Business Central) was easier and quicker we thought it might be. And I'm pleased to report it came in on time and under budget..."

Stuart Smith, Financial Director
McGeoch Technology & Precision Ceramics

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