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Integrated e-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & Dynamics NAV

Power your online web store from your ERP system

The shortcut to e-Commerce for Dynamics 365 Business Central & Dynamics NAV

Imagine being able to combine the existing business logic and data from your Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV system to the power of your web store. Sana’s fully integrated e-Commerce solution brings all this together in harmony, to completely avoid the complications associated with interfaced solutions.

Across both B2C and B2B business alike, creating an irresistible buying experience for your customers will enhance customer loyalty and keep them coming back for more of your product.

The increasing consumerisation of B2B e-Commerce means you need to strike a perfect balance of B2B must have’s such as: reflecting complex pricing rules, real-time insight into inventory data, facilitate pre-payments, attractive web design, easy to navigate and strong SEO capabilities.

Aden + Anais

Sana Commerce for Dynamics 365 Business Central & Dynamics NAV

Sana’s e-Commerce solution fully integrates your web store’s ability to set up and sell products online and your Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV system’s business logic and data management.

Ultimately, to give your customer the power to browse your web store at their leisure and to give you the confidence that your store is all backed up by accurate and reliable data.

Empowering customers to self-serve and check-out

We all want happy customers and what better way to achieve that than giving them the power to self-serve?

Sana’s web stores enable your customers to quickly and easily find exactly what they’re looking for, place an order, return products when necessary and access all their documentation. With 24/7 availability and seamless integration to Dynamics 365 Business Central & Dynamics NAV you have a fantastic platform to generate more revenue, whilst increasing both loyalty and customer satisfaction.

With full online access to documents, such as invoices and statements you can help place your customers at ease with greater account visibility. By offering customer insight into their Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV order history and documentation will increase transparency. Ultimately, you want your customers to have a fantastic experience, before, during and after placing an order on your web store.


Improving sales results and marketing performance

What does every salesperson in the world want to do? Close deals. Sana’s web stores are designed specifically to consider and streamline the work of both sales and marketing professionals.

Let’s be real, not all your customers will be browsing your web store every time they want to buy something. Sana Commerce enables you to easily export a list of your products, so you become visible on other external marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay etc.

There are also an extensive range of solutions and add-ons available that will help your marketing team become a driving force when it comes to innovation. With the perfect mix of functionality and flexibility, you can gain the tools to: easily customise your web pages, reach prospects with email marketing, drive traffic with SEO and site map generation. Delivering a unique and strong user experience will only help increase traffic, conversions and sales.

"Sana Commerce is like an extension of our team. We get great service and great guidance. This is critical because as a start-up, we don’t have money to throw away, either on vendors or on downtime."

— Jim Lawrence

Easy to set-up and no danger of outgrowing your business system

To enjoy the extensive benefits of a web store doesn’t mean you have to break the bank with your investment. Sana Commerce makes it easy to turn your Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV system into an e-Commerce machine.

You won’t need to fret about heavy or lengthy customisations to get up and running as the solution is designed to be implemented in weeks.

With the launch of Dynamics 365 Business Central within the last year, it’s evident that Microsoft Dynamics is constantly evolving. Fear not, as there is no danger that your business system will evolve past Sana Commerce as they will evolve in tandem. You can have full confidence that Sana will easily adapt whenever you decide to migrate to the latest versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Cloud Devices

Buying from any device thanks to accurate inventory management

Honestly, you can’t get away with shifting your products based on low prices and high quality anymore as customers crave convenience and simplicity.

You need to offer your customers a seamless, simple and attractive online shopping experience that is enjoyable and keeps them coming back for more. Sana helps your product stay user-friendly across all devices, regardless of whether it’s a tablet, a smartphone or a desktop computer.

Can you imagine going into a shop and asking for the location of an item only to be told “I have no idea” by one of the employees? What’s worse is having an item in your shopping basket only to find out as your approach the check out that the item is no longer available. Sana’s web store uses Dynamics 365 Business Central & Dynamics NAV inventory management capabilities, so you can confidently and accurately tell your customers what they can buy, the quantity, availability and delivery options.

Do you want to have an e-Commerce store that integrates into Dynamics 365 Business Central & Dynamics NAV?

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