Here are the key areas Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system supports:


Execute multi-channel campaigns and improve marketing ROI. Dynamics 365 CRM marketing capabilities also:
• Determines the type of customer messages you need to send and the right time to send them.
• Seamlessly integrate with sales and analytics to find, nurture, and convert leads.
• Help create and send messages using your customer’s preferred channel.


Give your sales staff an overview of your customers, while helping you identify new business opportunities. It should also offer options that help you:
• Share sales performance and key metrics with your staff.
• Identify and engage with the right buyers to grow sales relationships.
• Use artificial intelligence (AI) to help you know what steps you should take during every step of the sales process.

Customer service

Help your brand stand out and meet client service expectations, so they’ll want to do business with you, and in a perfect world, give you their trust. Dynamics 365 CRM systems also let you:
• Engage with customers on their preferred channel or device.
• Use data and intelligence to learn how to provide better service and reduce costs.
• Offer a 360-degree view of your customer to help your agents deliver personalized service.

Field service

Offer connected and proactive service that helps your technicians deliver positive onsite experiences for customers. It should also provide tools that:
• Help your technicians improve service, resolution times, and earn customer trust.
• Automate scheduling so that the skill set of the technician matches the service request.

How Dynamics 365 CRM system helps your staff

Dynamics 365 CRM offers agents the latest customer and client information in real-time, so they can easily view customer data and create personalized experiences in these ways:
• Get up-to-date data and analytics that help your sales staff identify and prioritize opportunities.
• Gain insights into customers and their needs so staff can tailor marketing communications, sales offers, and service.
• Centralize customer information, which reduces search and follow-up time for your employees

How Dynamics 365 CRM system helps your customers

Dynamics 365 CRM also benefit your clients and customers. You can give them the tools to help them interact with you and become loyal customers. Other benefits include:
• Allowing customers the ability to communicate through any channel and on any device.
• Giving customers access to more data so they feel informed and empowered in purchasing decisions.
• Offering customers the tools to schedule service that accommodates their preferences and availability.

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