Building an enjoyable
relationships with our clients

We believe a consulting firm should be more than an advisor.

We approach every client’s business as if it were our own. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, align our incentives with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business. This builds deep and enjoyable relationships. The right approach is necessary for the right outcome.
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Our success comes from a specific strategy which is created around adding value to our customer's ROI.

Industries We Serve

Zetamind Consulting specialize in Operational Productivity Improvement through the efficient implementation of Microsoft Navision/Dynamics NAV ERP business systems and Dynamics CRM with focus on industries like:

Health - ZetamindDeveloping Enterprise healthcare applications to improve the way healthcare systems communicate with one another.

Utilizing the latest technology to run enterprise based logistics operations smoothly and minimize operational hurdles.

fintechQuick payment settlements and drive speed and security to financial transactions with a tech solution.

Helping insurance companies of any size track and maintain relationships with their customers, improve marketing and sales processes, and monitor the sales performance of the agency.

Developing enterprise software solution to enhance customer experience and drive operational efficiency.

Digitize the automotive industry with connected enterprise apps to manage vehicles remotely and enhance the manufacturing process.

Automate enterprise production processes and reduce operational cost with an enterprise software solution.

We provide off-the-shelf, custom farm management software and scale ERP solutions for such as crop planning, inventory, accounting, equipment maintenance, and reporting.

Innovate the shopping experience for your customers and business with an engaging digital solution.

Innovate the shopping experience for your customers and business with an engaging digital solution.

Increasing visibility into complex operations to control costs and optimize the performance of employees, facilities, and assets.

Helping them manage all aspects of working with both residential and commercial properties, thereby saves time and minimizes the administration costs.

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