Most organizations and businesses all over the world are moving their services to a cloud network. Your business faces danger once it is not moved to the cloud. Some of the dangers it can be opened to includes:

Less flexibility:

Small businesses are often tied down and restricted thereby inhibiting their growth.

Reduced agility:

Without the cloud, taking advantage of opportunities and recovering from losses quickly is difficult.

Inexperienced Security:

Your data is safer on the cloud than it will ever be elsewhere

More Interruptions:

When your IT systems are in one place, they are vulnerable to interruption of service due to many internal and external factors.

More disaster-prone:

The risk of losing everything is higher if you have not moved to the cloud.

Harder collaboration:

When all your systems are in-house, it becomes harder to collaborate both with employees outside the office and with clients

Greater administrative burden:

The bulk of work is mostly on the employees and money is usually spent on avoidable expenses if the cloud is not implemented.

Moving to the cloud will do your business and organizations good in many ways and Microsoft Azure is the perfect cloud for you

Microsoft Azure is a platform that offers more than 200 products and cloud services aimed at helping individuals and corporate entities solve contemporary challenges. It is a cloud computing platform with solutions including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) that can be used as analytics, virtual computing, storage, and networking.

The main benefit of storing your products on Microsoft Azure includes:

Data Security:

Only you will have access to your data. Your data is completely protected on your cloud network from interference by third parties.

High Standard Development Tools:

Azure gives its users the opportunity to use a variety of enterprise-level tools and programming languages. Having this variety of tools to choose from gives users the flexibility to choose what works best for them.


You don’t have to worry about the issue of privacy that comes with adopting cloud solutions. Microsoft has put in place mechanisms to ensure that only you and your authorized have the power to access your platform.

Scalability Upon Demand:

You can always adjust your service agreements in order to avoid disruptions to your applications. Azure will assist you in either scaling up or scaling down your business according to your needs.

High Availability:

Compared to other public cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure is more accessible.

Disaster Recovery:

During the recovery period, your vital applications can run from a backup site, and you can access your data. This ensures you stay online during the disruption.


Microsoft offers a consumption-based pricing model. With Azure, the infrastructure costs are relatively lower and so is the in-house IT management.

Access to Recovery:

When using Microsoft Azure, IT departments get access to many resources that they would normally not have access to the on-premises Data Centre.

Increased Collaboration:

With Azure, collaboration is easier to set up and maintain.

Microsoft Azure is the largest cloud vendor. It keeps adding to its features making operations easier and more efficient for its users.

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