DYNAMICS 365 CRM- An Introduction

Dynamics 365 Customer relationship management—often referred to as CRM—is a type of data-driven solution or system that helps businesses manage activities related to prospects and customers. From tracking leads all the way through managing sales data, Dynamics 365 CRM provide a comprehensive solution that supports activities around sales, marketing, and services, such as customer or field service. With the data in one place, members of the team have immediate visibility into whatever they need, the moment they need it.

Dynamics 365 CRM allow users to track sales opportunities, automate marketing tasks, get insight into customer behaviour, and build customized reports and dashboards. The increased efficiency from centralizing tasks and data helps sales and marketing teams focus on what matters most, stay on top of all opportunities, and build a more optimized customer experience.

Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 CRM

You Can Use Dynamics 365 CRM system to…

Track leads

Monitor each opportunity through the sales funnel. Dynamics 365 CRM solutions help sales and marketing teams stay organized, understand where each lead is in the sales process, and know who has worked on each opportunity. Tracking lead-related data gives you seller insights, guidance, and provides an instant view of current status.

Monitor sales

Sales data can be linked to your Dynamics 365 CRM solution, providing an immediate, accurate picture of sales. With a real-time view of your pipeline, you’ll be aware of any slowdowns, bottlenecks—or if your team won a major deal.

Get insights

Receive prescriptive guidance by focusing on what matters most with AI and built-in intelligence, helping identify which leads are ready to hand off, or which customers need follow-up. With guidance that shows you where to focus, you’ll be able to identify the top priorities and have confidence your team is making the most of their time and efforts.

Complete Tasks

Build sales quotes, gather customer feedback, send email campaigns, and beyond: task automation helps streamline marketing, sales, and customer service. Dynamics 365 CRM solution helps eliminate repetitive tasks, letting your team focus on high-impact activities thereby improving your team efficiency.

Understand Customer Behaviour

Dynamics 365 CRM includes features to help you track engagement across various customer touchpoints helping you to optimize your customer journey.
You can also improve your engagement by getting Insight into behaviour throughout the customer journey which helps you surface opportunities for optimization—and lets you know what’s working well.

Support customers

The dynamics 365 CRM solution helps you connect with customers wherever they are across all platforms. With Dynamics 365 CRM solutions you can provide attentive customer service—helping build the trust and loyalty that keeps your customers coming back.

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