Digital transformation is making waves across every industry, and the manufacturing industry is no
exception; how can solutions like Dynamics 365 help manufacturers take advantage of this new era of
New processes and new technologies are rolling out continuously, and manufacturers are under
pressure to remain at top-level productivity throughout their supply chains in the face of a changing
industrial landscape.
Transforming operation improving efficiency is a top priority for many manufacturing businesses, but if
manufacturers are to build an organization which can truly weather such industrial overhaul, they need
to have a robust business management solution at their foundation. This is where an all-in-one software
which has the combination of ERP and CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can make all
the difference.
A comprehensive, cloud-based collection of apps which seeks to break down the silos between
front- and back-end processes traditionally present in business software, Dynamics 365
Business Central helps manufacturers unify their operations, gain better visibility of their
processes, and engage with their customers.
Manufacturers of all types—from process to discrete, batch to repetitive—can all benefit from
digitally overhauling their operations. Here’s how Dynamics 365 can help manufacturers
maximize productivity across the board:

Optimize supply chain operations

With so many organizations involved across a supply chain, it can be challenging to gain a
complete, real-time overview of operations end-to-end. Data from sales, suppliers, order
fulfillment, product performance, and customer service all need to be factored in when working
to improve supply chain processes.
The benefits of employing an intelligent system to manage supply chain operations are
extensive. By combining your business data, supply chain data, and public data like maps and
weather forecasts together in a system imbued with artificial intelligence and machine learning,
manufacturers can better adapt to changes and developments, helping cut down on wasted
time and resources.
Implementing a holistic system which acts as a “single source of truth” can help create more
accurate schedules, forecasts, and budgets, which in turn power a more efficient business.
A cloud-based, mobile-enabled solution like Dynamics 365 gives the right people—from those
working the supply chain up to key decision-makers—instant access to real-time information
wherever they are, so issues can be addressed before they significantly impact business.

Streamlining asset management

A manufacturer’s assets are a crucial part of their business, and as the idea of the connected
factory becomes a reality, companies can better manage their equipment to gain greater value.

Dynamics 365 allows manufacturers to closely monitor their apparatus by processing and
gleaning data in real-time. Performance, usage, and machine lifecycle information can be
viewed anytime, anywhere, and any issues can be resolved remotely to maximize uptime.
By combining Dynamics 365 Business Central with IoT-ready parts, manufacturers can keep an
even closer eye on their assets, spot broken or inefficient components, and use collected data
to develop more efficient equipment.

Enhance innovation

In any type of business, time is money, and manufacturers, in particular, are under constant
pressure to shorten production cycles and get products to market more quickly.
Dynamics 365 offers greater insight into business operations, highlighting areas that can be
optimized, processes shortened, and costs cut. With product, customer, and performance data
being analyzed in real-time, manufacturers have more freedom and scope to improve the way
they work, and react to changes quickly.
Having data on hand to be able to innovate and reinvent not only empowers employees, but
also shortens the time to market. Improved collaborations at the research and development
stage, smarter analysis of costings and resources, and streamlined production processes will
allow you to turn around new products faster, and capitalize on trends and developments ahead
of your competitors.

Improve customer experiences

In recent years, technology has enabled businesses to connect and communicate with their
customers—and vice versa—in new ways. As a result, customer expectations have risen, and
companies need to be able to meet those expectations by delivering an outstanding service,
keeping their customers informed, and deal with any issues in a fast and decisive fashion.
Having all your business and customer data in a single system means that your customer
service agents can find the right information easily, and can respond to queries regarding order
status or delivery as quickly as possible.
Offering great experiences throughout the manufacturing process cements your competency,
and builds loyalty and trust by solving problems before they impact your customers.
By using Dynamics 365’s predictive analysis and intelligent reporting, you can tailor your
services to each customer based on their previous purchases and activity, allowing you to make
your customers’ lives easier, and become truly invaluable.

Digitize your operations

Though the prospect of throwing out the procedures that have become ingrained in the day-to-
day running of the business may seem overwhelming in the short-term, the benefits of
digitization can transform manufacturers in a more efficient, profitable, future-proofed

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an intuitive, cloud-hosted, intelligent solution which offers
users a single platform through which to manage their entire operations, making collaboration
easier, processes faster, and reporting more pragmatic, while enabling manufacturers to put
customer engagement at the forefront of their business.
Through digitization with Dynamics 365 Business Central, manufacturers can find automated
digital solutions to practical issues, such as inventory monitoring, quality control, and equipment

Make better use of business data

It’s near-impossible to see the full picture when you don’t have all the puzzle pieces in one
place, and centralizing your business data will help produce a clearer picture of the health of
your organization.
Combining this centralized intelligence with Dynamics 365 Business Central built-in AI
capabilities helps manufacturers derive actionable insights from their data, make predictions
based on previous actions and events, and graduate from being reactive to staying one step
The app enables manufacturers to forecast and plan more accurately, and predict demand
depending on data including seasons and market trends. These predictions can be used to
optimize output, ensuring levels match customer demand and eliminate wasted resources
wherever possible.

Boost profitability

The whole point of improving processes, streamlining workflows, and boosting customer loyalty
is, of course, to make your manufacturing business more profitable. By providing manufacturers
with the tools and intelligence to make their services better, faster, and more customer-focused,
Dynamics 365 Business Central enables users to eliminate waste, reduce errors, and provide
more value to their customers; all of which will result in higher profits, and a healthier future.

BC for Accountanta

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Accountants

When you are thinking about Finance and Accounting solutions for your business, it’s
important to understand which is the most suitable for your organization.

There are a lot to choose from, and you may already be using software for this part of
your business. But, is it helping or hindering you?

The right solution for you should make your business more connected and more
efficient and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you that.

Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easy for accountants to do their jobs well.
With Business Central, your organization’s accountant(s) have quick access to all of
your company financials. Adding new accounts to the general ledger in a snap, and new
journal expenses can be entered into the system via direct integration with Excel.
Perhaps most importantly of all, using an ERP like Dynamics 365 Business Central
allows accounting professionals to properly analyze any and all of your organization’s
accounts to check for consistency and potential errors and optimizes workflow.

Benefits of Business Central for Accountants

Streamline Your Accounting Policies

Business Central accountant hub allows you to optimize the management of your
accounting processes and tasks and also get easier access to your customers’ data in
one simple and user-friendly dashboard.

Optimize Productivity

With Business Central for Accountants, you can effectively manage accounting tasks
and minimize manual processes. Therefore, time is better managed which can be used,
for example, to obtain new customers or to provide a better service to current
customers. In short, the solution allows you to handle even more customers from just
one simple dashboard in real time.

Provide Added Value for Your Customers

Through a number of integrated Microsoft Business Solutions, which includes Power BI,
Office 365 and the business application that makes up Dynamics 365, you Can expand
the number of services your business can offer to your customers. By using effective
reporting tools and easily manageable user defined dashboards, you have the
opportunity to offer your customers insight into your business. In this way, your role as a
trusted and credible advisor will be further improved.

Business Without Silos

Dynamics 365 Business Central will help you connect businesses and boost efficiency
with automated tasks and workflows, all within the familiar Microsoft interface of
applications such as Word, Outlook, and Excel.

Actionable Insights

Achieving more and gaining a complete view of the business with connected data,
business analytics and guidance delivered by Microsoft’s leading intelligent

Make Your Business Ready to Step up To the Next Level

Prepare your business for growth by utilizing a cloud-based business management
application that is both flexible and scalable. For example, you can change the way you
work at any time and wherever you are. Collaborations with your customers is also
ensured through automated workflows, audit trail and monitoring.

To experience the ease and productivity Dynamics 365 Business Central Brings to
your Finances and other suitable aspects for you, contact us, let us walk you through
the journey.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

By now, it may seem like everything you work with online is in the cloud. Cloud computing is the future of modern business technology and offers a host of advantages over locally hosted software. So when it comes to your business management software, there’s no reason that shouldn’t be in the cloud as well.

Now, Microsoft is offering Microsoft Business Central as an all-in-one business management solution that is entirely in the cloud. With Microsoft Business Central, your business can have the same capabilities as Microsoft Dynamic NAV all in a cloud-based environment.

Perhaps you’re wondering exactly what benefits Microsoft Business Central can bring to your business. Additionally, you may be worried that you don’t have the IT capacity to handle the onboarding of this new software. We’ll answer both of these questions in this article.

You may be working with any of several different business software right now, none of which are getting the job done the way you want it. Maybe you have entry-level accounting software that you want to upgrade to something that is a bit more rigorous, or enterprise resource planning software that is now a legacy, end-of-life product. What you need, and what Microsoft Business Central offers, is a software product that gives you everything you need to manage a business in one package. That includes operations, finances, sales, and customer service in a single business-management solution. With a program like this, you’ll have an end-to-end view of your business, allowing you to regulate everything that you need to keep an eye on in one application.

Keep your Business Growing

It’s common for businesses such as yours to feel that you don’t have the IT manpower to support an application like this. That’s where Zetamind can help you. As one of the top Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners in Nigeria, Zetamind provides a complete IT solution for organizations looking to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 or who are looking for a consulting team to assist with the software. You won’t have to worry about IT struggles after getting yourself set up with Zetamind complete IT solution. We will design, build, and implement a comprehensive IT structure that will give your company an edge over the competition, including implementing Microsoft Business Central.

You may be experiencing several different issues with your current accounting software that Microsoft Business Central can help you with. Many businesses have these problems with outdated accounting software. It could be that the different systems you have for different departments of your company are siloed, and that data is not easily transferred from one to the other.

Your reports could either be too complex to fill out or not give you a good overview of the state of your financials and your business. Your software may rely too heavily on manual processes, which leads to errors or duplications in your processes. You may have even given up on using your financial software for accounting and be using Excel to complete your accounts, leading to business inefficiencies. Finally, you may lack audit trails and workflows that may expose your business to unnecessary risk. Microsoft Business Central enables you to solve these problems and more.

There are several advantages to your productivity and overall performance that Microsoft Business Central can offer your business. First, we’ll talk about the specific business areas where Microsoft Business Central can give you an increase in capability.

Financial management:

By connecting data from across your business, Microsoft Business Central brings together reports from accounting, sales, and the customer-facing sides of your company. It also makes it easier for you to complete accounting and financial responsibilities, such as automatic account reconciliation and generates the reports that you need quickly and accurately.

Proper Management:

Microsoft Business Central also gives you the ability to manage your projects more efficiently than ever before. With Microsoft Business Central, you can use timesheets to manage customer projects by creating and tracking them with the software.

Gain Insight:

It also gives you the capabilities for job costing and reporting analysis that may be more advanced than you’ve ever worked with before, along with the ability to develop and edit your budgets, monitor your invoices, and manage the resources at your disposal all in real-time with the insight functionality.

Connect with Customers:

Another way that Microsoft Business Central can help your company is by increasing your capacity for quality customer service. You can monitor all customer interactions and show your sales team opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, and renewing with guidance from Microsoft Business Central. This software also gives you the capability to communicate with your customers easily and effectively by responding to their sales inquiries and service requests through Outlook. You’ll also be able to make your supply chain more efficient through intelligence built into the platform and Power BI dashboards that are embedded into the software.

Prepare for the unexpected:

Microsoft Business Central allows you to monitor your inventory remotely and gives you predictions on what to restock, helping you to optimize your inventory levels. The software also provides you with automatic calculations for stock levels, lead times, and reorder points to allow you to capitalize on all sale opportunities, and notifies you when there are issues with your inventory that need your attention, such as issues with overstock or understock.

Finally, Business Central make sure your operations are at their fullest potential with several tools in the application that will allow you to automatically create purchase orders, calculate manufacturing capacity at an optimum level, and improve your production schedules.

With an end-to-end view of your business, you’ll be able to make sure that each aspect of your company is optimized and delivering the best results possible. It’s this synergy that will allow you to gain a competitive edge with Microsoft Business Central.



Most organizations and businesses all over the world are moving their services to a cloud network. Your business faces danger once it is not moved to the cloud. Some of the dangers it can be opened to includes:

Less flexibility:

Small businesses are often tied down and restricted thereby inhibiting their growth.

Reduced agility:

Without the cloud, taking advantage of opportunities and recovering from losses quickly is difficult.

Inexperienced Security:

Your data is safer on the cloud than it will ever be elsewhere

More Interruptions:

When your IT systems are in one place, they are vulnerable to interruption of service due to many internal and external factors.

More disaster-prone:

The risk of losing everything is higher if you have not moved to the cloud.

Harder collaboration:

When all your systems are in-house, it becomes harder to collaborate both with employees outside the office and with clients

Greater administrative burden:

The bulk of work is mostly on the employees and money is usually spent on avoidable expenses if the cloud is not implemented.

Moving to the cloud will do your business and organizations good in many ways and Microsoft Azure is the perfect cloud for you

Microsoft Azure is a platform that offers more than 200 products and cloud services aimed at helping individuals and corporate entities solve contemporary challenges. It is a cloud computing platform with solutions including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) that can be used as analytics, virtual computing, storage, and networking.

The main benefit of storing your products on Microsoft Azure includes:

Data Security:

Only you will have access to your data. Your data is completely protected on your cloud network from interference by third parties.

High Standard Development Tools:

Azure gives its users the opportunity to use a variety of enterprise-level tools and programming languages. Having this variety of tools to choose from gives users the flexibility to choose what works best for them.


You don’t have to worry about the issue of privacy that comes with adopting cloud solutions. Microsoft has put in place mechanisms to ensure that only you and your authorized have the power to access your platform.

Scalability Upon Demand:

You can always adjust your service agreements in order to avoid disruptions to your applications. Azure will assist you in either scaling up or scaling down your business according to your needs.

High Availability:

Compared to other public cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure is more accessible.

Disaster Recovery:

During the recovery period, your vital applications can run from a backup site, and you can access your data. This ensures you stay online during the disruption.


Microsoft offers a consumption-based pricing model. With Azure, the infrastructure costs are relatively lower and so is the in-house IT management.

Access to Recovery:

When using Microsoft Azure, IT departments get access to many resources that they would normally not have access to the on-premises Data Centre.

Increased Collaboration:

With Azure, collaboration is easier to set up and maintain.

Microsoft Azure is the largest cloud vendor. It keeps adding to its features making operations easier and more efficient for its users.